About the café

Peter de Wit's has been selling homemade food in Greenwich since 1986. We use the best quality ingredients: organic bread from a local baker, sausages and bacon from Drings, our local butcher, free range eggs and Cornish clotted cream. Sandwiches and hot food are prepared to order and all our cakes are hand made.

About our coffee

We make coffee using a drip filter for our regular coffees and an aeropress for a stronger, espresso-like brew. We buy our coffee from several small roasting companies who roast espresso blends and a range of single origin beans. Please ask about the coffee of the day and our staff will be delighted to tell you about it.


Our roasters buy sustainably produced green beans directly from farmers, which means we know exactly where our coffee has come from and how it has been grown. The result is a better, more interesting coffee for you, a better price for the farmer and a better future for the environment.

We recycle all of our packaging and most of our food and coffee waste is turned into compost on-site and used to feed our green roof and the flowers in our courtyard.

About the building

21 Greenwich Church St is one of the oldest buildings in Greenwich. The front half, built in the mid 18th century, was tacked onto a much older building that dates from around 1480. The original medieval cottage that you see from our courtyard belonged to the medieval church that fell down in 1710. When it was built the house stood alone in what was, at the time, the St Alphege churchyard, so it's one of the only buildings still remaining in Greenwich that would have been there when Henry VIII was baptised in St Alphege in 1491.